The Ryerson Index

to death notices and obituaries in Australian newspapers

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Search Tips

To search the Ryerson Index, you need to enter a minimum of one Primary Search Field.

Additional Secondary Search Fields can be used to filter your results.

Primary Search Fields are:

  • a surname, minimum length 2 characters.

  • One or more given names, or a nickname. If entering more than one name to be searched in combination, the names must be in the correct order

  • A location or place name.

Secondary Search Fields are:

  • A year range. Either the earliest year, or latest year, or both.

  • A newspaper.

  • A state which is based on the newspaper location, not a location within the notice. Newspapers in border areas are included under both states.

  • An updated since date, so that only records added or updated on or after this date are included.

Leaving any or all of the optional fields blank will search on all possible values for these fields.

Any search will return a maximum of 1,000 results per page. If there are more than 1,000 results, you can display them in pages of 1,000 at a time using the page number list at the top of the display.

It does not matter whether names and places are entered in upper or lower case.

Spelling is vital. If the given name or location you specify is spelled differently in the notice, then that notice will not be included in your search results. In cases where the name of a place has been spelled in different ways over the years (eg Five Dock and Fivedock), we have attempted to standardise on current spelling. Please note also that some notices do not have full given names, only initials, so you may need to limit your given name filter to, in the extreme case, one initial.

When specifying a range of years, the search results will include only notices published within the range of years specified, or which refer to an event which took place during those years.