1st January 1919 29th June 1946 Wednesday, Saturday
2nd July 1946 31st December 1954 Tuesday, Friday
  29th May 1980 Thursday
4th June 1980 23rd December 2020 Wednesday


It appears there are no surviving copies of the issues dated:
1920: Wednesday 7th April; Saturday 10th July;
1921: Wednesday 30th March; Wednesday 27th April;
1922: Wednesday 19th April;
1923: Wednesday 3rd January; Saturday 20th January; Wednesday 7th February; Wednesday 14th February; Wednesday 4th April;
1924: Wednesday 23rd April;
1925: Wednesday 15th April;
1926: Wednesday 6th January; Wednesday 24th February; Wednesday 31st March; Wednesday 7th April;
1927: Wednesday 4th May;
1928: Wednesday 11th April;
1929: Wednesday 8th May; Wednesday 4th September; Saturday 9th November;
1930: Wednesday 29th January; Wednesday 23rd April; Wednesday 7th May; Wednesday 4th June;
1931: Wednesday 8th April; Wednesday 6th May;
1933: February 1st; May 3rd; June 7th;
1934: January 20th, 24th, 27th; May 9th; June 6th; December 8th;
1964: December 31st;
1965: February 25th;
1966: August 4th; December 8th, 15th, 22nd;
1968: April 11th, 18th; June 13th, 27th;
1970: September 10th, 17th, 24th; October 22nd; December 3rd;
1971: August 5th, 12th, 26th; September 2nd, 23rd;
1973: March 29th;
1975: October 16th ;
1976: January 9th;
1977: February 3rd, 17th; October 13th; December 8th;
1978: September 28th;
1981: January 7th;
1983: February 2nd;

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Death Notices From 30 April 1919 to 14 November 2018 500
Funeral Notices From 1 March 1919 to 28 November 2018 340
Obituaries From 15 January 1919 to 31 October 2018 1,059
Legal Notices From 8 January 1919 to 10 February 2016 2,008
Other Notices From 7 December 1921 to 20 November 2013 4

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