to death notices and obituaries in Australian newspapers


The Ryerson Index is always appreciative of further assistance.

If you would like to become an indexer, the process is very straightforward.

  1. Download the indexing software and install it. (NB: the software runs under Windows only, and can only be run on a Mac using a windows emulation program.)
  2. Start the program and read the online help, to get a basic knowledge of how we index.
  3. Read the Tips for Formatting and Submitting to see the finer points involved in indexing.
  4. Download and read the three documents setting out basic indexing instructions, and how to index both digital-only notices and funeral director notices.
  5. Play around with the program to see just how easy it is.
  6. Contact us to express your interest.

We will then run you through a basic training exercise, where you index 20 or so fictional notices. You have two attempts at getting this exercise correct.

Once you have completed the training exercise, we will allocate you to a particular paper. We endeavour to satisfy personal preferences as far as possible, because we know indexers prefer to index a paper where they have a personal interest in the notices they are indexing. For those with no particular preference, we have a large amount of back-indexing available for various papers.

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