18th April 1831 7th May 1832 Monday (as the Sydney Herald.)
14th May 1832 28th June 1838 Monday, Thursday
2nd July 1838 30th September 1840 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1st October 1840 present day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (The name was changed to the Sydney Morning Herald on August 1st, 1842.)


Treatment of "Roll of Honour" notices during WWI and WWII:
These notices have been indexed as "Death Notice" rather than "Other", because they are effectively death notices for serving military personnel.

Funeral Notices:
Our initial indexing concentrated solely on death notices, and they are complete. This was based on the assumption that most funeral notices would duplicate an earlier death notice, as that was the usual practice at the time. We now have a long-term project underway to add the missing SMH funeral notices to Ryerson. We expect this process to take some time to complete.

The issue for Monday 21 November 1932 has been incorrectly filmed, with p8 (containing death notices) replaced by p10.

The issue for Friday July 28, 1950 has many notices illegible, due to damage and smudged printing. We have indexed what we can.

The issue for Saturday May 4th, 1957 has page 52 (the BDM page!) from the issue of Saturday May 11th filmed instead.

The issue for Monday January 27th, 1964 has only pages 1-27 filmed, and the BDM notices are on p28, as per the Classified Index.

The issue for Thursday May 18th, 1972 has the date of May 17th, 1972 on the page containing the death notices. Other pages in this issue are dated correctly.

The issue for Monday January 30th, 1984 has the date January 27th, 1984 on the page containing the death notices. Other pages in this issue are dated correctly.

The issue for Wednesday November 25th, 2009 has the front page dated Thursday November 25th. Other pages in this issue are dated correctly.

The following issues are missing from the microfilm:

1849: Nov 16th;
1854: Jan 6th; Feb 1st, 2nd;
1856: Jan 1st (illegible print);
1859: Oct 21st;
1866: Mar 30th;
1872: Feb 29th;
1877: Sep 13th;
1879: March 28th; Sep 20th (funerals); 22nd (Deaths);
1880: Dec 17th (funerals), 18th (deaths);
1921: Dec 26th;
1951: Mar 23rd;
1952: May 19th;
1962: Dec 7th;
1964: Mar 21st;
1966: Feb 26th;


Note - some individual dates within each range may not yet have been indexed. Click on the Dates Indexed button above for precise details.

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Funeral Notices From 28 February 1845 to 17 April 2024 516,160
Obituaries From 27 April 1846 to 7 May 2024 14,437
Legal Notices From 7 February 1842 to 27 January 2024 2,147
Other Notices From 5 May 1848 to 11 May 2024 4,331

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