to death notices and obituaries in Australian newspapers


The current practice of many newspapers is to microfilm their pre-digital issues and destroy the original hardcopy, because newspapers in quantity can be very bulky to store.

This is fine when the scanning or filming process works as expected, but occasionally there is a glitch in the system, and the process fails. The usual result of such a failure is the omission of a page or pages from the microfilm or scanned record. If the failure is not picked up immediately and corrected, then there is a very high probability that the original will be destroyed with no copy left available for reference.

Microfilming is usually carried out once only, and the resulting film made available to all libraries and other institutions who require a copy. This means that a mistake, once made and left uncorrected, will exist in ALL microfilm copies of the paper.

As much of our back-indexing is carried out from filmed or scanned copies, Ryerson is in a position to identify many of these production glitches. In most cases we are unable to do anything about them, but very occasionally we are able to track down a hard-copy version of the incorrectly-filmed paper.

On this page, you will find such copies that we have been able to find to plug the gaps caused by these production glitches.

Sydney Morning Herald 13 August 1947 p26 Notices    
Problem: Some pages in Trove were scanned from a different edition of the paper. The Classifieds Index on p10 shows the Birth, Death and Marriage notices as being on p26. However, the page following p25 is labelled 26* rather than 26, and does not contain any notices. Fortunately Google, which scanned newspapers from the Fairfax archives rather than the microfilm, has scanned p26 from an earlier edition of the paper.
(image of notices courtesy of Google Newspapers.)

Sydney Morning Herald 13 December 1968 p22 Notices    
Problem: This edition of the SMH contained 22 pages, with the death and funeral notices appearing on p22. Unfortunately only pages 1-21 were filmed.
(image of notices courtesy of the private collection of John Nance.)

Sydney Morning Herald 7 February 1976 p120 Notices    
Problem: This edition of the SMH contained 120 pages, with the death and funeral notices appearing on p120. Unfortunately only pages 1-119 were filmed.
(image of notices taken from the hardcopy held by NSWSL.)

Toowoomba Chronicle 22 January 2000 p2 Index p81 Notices  
Problem: Pages 49-88 were omitted from the microfilm. The death and funeral notices were published on p81. Fortunately, an index of names from the death and funeral notices was published on p2, and this has enabled us to confirm the hand-dated photocopy of the notices is definitely from the incorrectly-filmed issue.
(image of notices courtesy of the Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family History Society.)

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